Elegant Ambassador


Whether you're just a pet lover or an entrepreneur looking to build a powerful Instagram page, this program is the perfect fit for you! 



Being an Elegant Ambassador comes with some AMAZING perks! 

  • 50% off your first order
  • Lifetime 40% off discount code
  • 30% commission on all orders made from your 20% off personalized discount code for friends and followers. Each time someone uses your Promo Code on their order you will receive 30% of their total sale as a gift card to use in our store or straight to your PayPal! 💰
  • Be in the drawing to win a $500 gift voucher drawn every month, exclusive to Elegant Ambassadors!


Application Process | What To Expect 

  1. Click or tap here to apply.
  2. Both approved & denied application results will be emailed to you with the provided email submitted on the application.
  3. If approved, you will receive an email and or Instagram Direct Message giving you all of your codes & details. 


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