Pair of LED Rave Lighting Gloves

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The item is LED Lighting Gloves, which can be used at dance halls, bars, stage performances and other large entertainment venues. No matter what you used to do, this pair of luminous glove is a bright scenery line, making you infinite charm.


- Light Color: Blue.

- Material: Nylon.

- Size: 8 * 12 * 10cm(L * W * H).

- 7 modes: flash colorful, colorful gradient, conventional colorful, monochrome red, green color, monochrome blue, close.

- Effect: flashing light.

- Principle: Flash LED luminous glove are inside gloves by adding luminous movement and LED lights, controlled by a switch to achieve flashing cool effect.

- Perfect for dancing, music festivals, rave wear, cosplay, concerts, costumes, and other events!


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